Poetry: Dances

Dances By A.R. Salandy   Tarred roads shudder As shabby vehicles Descend on commutes Repetitive but reliable still As a scorching orb bares down On paths caressed by golden rays That dance to the beat of a destruction Blinding and overwhelming- As air grows stifled By the slow drip of beaded sweat That acts as […]


Poetry: Down with Democracy!

Down with Democracy! By Wortley Clutterbuck   Are not fools and stupid beings a majority in the world, and ought they not to have their representative? — Honoré de Balzac, Le Député d’Arcis. There’s been some muttering I’ve heard about a goverance preferred; it seems the lower classes want democracy, with all its cant. The […]

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Poetry: Master and Pupil

Master and Pupil by David Sapp   When he was a young man, an earnest but nutty art student, Charles Robert came to my door painted head-to-toe in Ultramarine Blue, seeking advice and turpentine. Even then, he could have been a blue Krishna wooing Radha. Now colleagues, he is the swami, and I remain, as […]