Podcast The Pub 48: Are You Sure It’s a Turkey?

Happy Thanksgiving! In this episode, we talk about Hannibal. Matthew follows a black feathered stag out of the studio and into the dangerous woods. Daniel constructs a corpse totem and then watches everyone take pictures of it. Kayla buys a sniper rifle, climbs a tree, and protects the entire cast. And Dean puts on a […]


Novella: Angels Falling – Chapters 16&17

16 “Who? Who?” Thomas opened his eyes. He wasn’t afraid. “Who? Who?” “Hooter.” He whispered, his voice too weak to vibrate. “Good to see you.” “Who? Who?” “I’m bear bait. But not its dinner.” The rain had stopped. There was no sound besides the owl. “Who? Who?” “I’m a stupid boy. I’m ignorant. I am […]

Novella: Angels Falling – Chapters 14&15

14 Charlie. Thomas bolted upright as the name of the feral beast licked his eardrums. He put on his boots and gloves and opened the tarps with his hands and walked outside. Snow still fell lightly then and the fresh layer of it was soft on the frozen sheet beneath. The whiteness of the snow […]

Fiction: The Face of Fear

It corners me on the edge of the cliff. The green grass, wet with dew that shimmers eerily in the gray light of dawn, suddenly gives way to a sheer drop. The base of the cliff vanishes beneath the surface of glistening ocean waves, water reflecting back the beauty of the rising sun. I can […]

Novella: Angels Falling – Chapters 12&13

12 The coffee cans clamored in the night. Thomas’s shaking hands pointed his magnum towards the doorway and his bones felt like they were turning inside of him while he listened. “Charlie’s back, Boy.” His father sat next to him with elbows on his knees, bottle in hand. The sound of the bear’s frustrated moaning […]

Novella: Angels Falling – Chapter 11

11 Thomas woke up thrashing. Terrified. His heart pounded as he tried to pin the source of his alarm. There was a rustling outside the front door. A big rustling. Pots and pans and glass bottles clashed together violently and something hit the front door. There was a monster outside. Giant nostrils snorted angrily and […]


Art Process: Padrick Newton Part 1

For the month of November, we are interviewing artist Padrick Newton about his glass work. I started blowing glass in August 2015, and within six months I quit my 9-5 to pursue my glass career. I knew it would have its difficulties, and within a couple months I was living in my car. It took […]

March Interview Two

For the month of March, we are interviewing artist Nathan about his artwork, how his group New World Order is contributing to revising the art community among minorities in southern Wisconsin, and the struggles that a young artist and entrepreneur faces. Describe one or two of your art pieces, and mention any difficulties you had […]