Podcast The Pub 52: Robots Don’t Have Tails

In this episode, we review C. Robert Cargill’s novel, Sea of Rust. Sarah dresses as a robot cowboy and rides her trusty, rusty (literally) steed to the show. Daniel realizes that he is bound by his original brainwork design. Trey reads a paragraph and the rest of the casts dreams of cotton candy and maple […]


Fiction The Reunion by Samantha Brooke

He woke up with a painful crick in his neck from where he had fallen asleep on the sofa. The bottle of whiskey that he had been drinking to celebrate his success of the night before had fallen from his hand while he slept and rolled across the carpet, its contents spilling out and soaking […]

Fiction End of the Bench by Logan Markko

You’re not a loser until you quit trying, Coach thought to himself, watching as his players pissed and moaned their way to another loss. They seemed half asleep, committing lazy turnovers on offense and arguing with one another instead of hustling back on defense. Thirty years coaching high school basketball and he couldn’t remember a […]

Fiction FEATURED AUTHOR: Ruth Ticktin’s Returned

At a stuffy banquet honoring soldiers who fought the Great War, a man approached Mollie and whispered in her ear. “Casualties, thousands needing immediate treatment. Transporting them to an old monastery. Working crazy, all hours. Death, over and over.” His head drooped low. “Too many dying. We loaded soldiers on stretchers, train cars to makeshift […]

Fiction FEATURED AUTHOR: Ruth Ticktin’s A Visit

“The director of nursing said they were concerned,” Mat wasn’t sure if he’d mentioned this to his uncle but continued anyway, “that you’re more tired and less active.” “Well, there’s that. And my skin’s peeling. Hair’s falling out. Disintegrating, part by part.” Uncle Jack faced Mat with a brief piercing stare before looking down to […]

Fiction FEATURED AUTHOR: Ruth Ticktin’s War Consequence

And the years marched on and on until another war was raging. Ella and Dan had only their youngest child left living at home, and he was beginning high school. Their daughter was in her first year of college, and Ted, the eldest, was on a break from university, traveling cross-country. He told his parents […]


Art Process: Kayla Eddy Part 4

For the final part of this series, I followed the pattern I created last week to make a wall-hanging. The pattern was twenty-four by fifty rows, it and took about three/four hours to finish once the base strings were cut and strung onto the dowel. To see more of my work, I’m on Instagram under […]

Art Process: Kayla Eddy Part 3

The first step in making a wall hanging is threading the dowel with the base strings. Because DMC thread is so thin, I’m able to use kitchen skewers cut down to a shorter length. The pattern I’ve created is 24 strings wide, so I cut twenty-four individual strings and folded them in half to make […]