Podcast The Pub 52: Robots Don’t Have Tails

In this episode, we review C. Robert Cargill’s novel, Sea of Rust. Sarah dresses as a robot cowboy and rides her trusty, rusty (literally) steed to the show. Daniel realizes that he is bound by his original brainwork design. Trey reads a paragraph and the rest of the casts dreams of cotton candy and maple […]


Fiction: Cheri Coke: Section Eight by James C. Stewart

I went over the exchange while driving home. They obviously didn’t have anything, or I would have been arrested. Even if—and it was a considerable if— the witness (‘Snooper’s Society’ caused me to chuckle upon reflection) was able to describe the person in the truck, so what? What did they really have? A dark-haired individual […]

Fiction: Cheri Coke: Section Seven by James C. Stewart

I wasn’t. Without a word, I fled for the washroom. I regurgitated what little was in me into one of Yesterday’s toilets, then dry-heaved for a minute that felt like a lifetime. I splashed cold water on my face for the second time and ran wet hands through my hair. I met my own dark-circled […]

Fiction: Handsome Little Rabbit by D. Salazar

Handsome little Rabbit was a writer, but this night in particular Rabbit had nothing to write about. Was he a writer anyway? He didn’t know, but he became afraid of not-being, so he put on his jacket and set out to find a good story. He found one inside a hollow tree, a perfect one […]

Fiction: Cheri Coke: Section Six by James C. Stewart

The statement echoed—as did the realization this would be the natural assumption, even if the news wasn’t reporting a seizure of cash. Hell, for all I knew, those in the shadows might even think a cop (or cops) had stolen the cash, hence no mention of it in the news. The dread eased back a […]

Fiction: Cheri Coke: Section Five by James C. Stewart

Main Street was a study in grey, and it appeared the entire town was in hiding. I drove its length, eventually taking a right to find a shabby diner called Yesterday’s Café. In the dusty light, its ramshackle nature put me in mind of some hobo’s idea of a restaurant. But in the sunlight of […]


Art Process: Kayla Eddy Part 4

For the final part of this series, I followed the pattern I created last week to make a wall-hanging. The pattern was twenty-four by fifty rows, it and took about three/four hours to finish once the base strings were cut and strung onto the dowel. To see more of my work, I’m on Instagram under […]

Art Process: Kayla Eddy Part 3

The first step in making a wall hanging is threading the dowel with the base strings. Because DMC thread is so thin, I’m able to use kitchen skewers cut down to a shorter length. The pattern I’ve created is 24 strings wide, so I cut twenty-four individual strings and folded them in half to make […]