Podcast The Pub 52: Robots Don’t Have Tails

In this episode, we review C. Robert Cargill’s novel, Sea of Rust. Sarah dresses as a robot cowboy and rides her trusty, rusty (literally) steed to the show. Daniel realizes that he is bound by his original brainwork design. Trey reads a paragraph and the rest of the casts dreams of cotton candy and maple […]


Lilydale by Zach Murphy

The waters of the Mississippi River were higher than the high school version of myself on a Saturday night. I willed my rusted sedan down the winding bends of Lilydale Road, nervously hydroplaning through dirty, cloudy puddles. Lilydale Road didn’t feel the way it used to be, because it simply wasn’t the way it used […]

Fiction: Reunion by Reid Smith

A gust of bitter cold air smacked Ken in the face as he stepped off the bus and into the cold December air. It had been years since the last time that he was this far north, he had almost forgotten the way that the wind could cut down to your bones if you weren’t […]

Fiction: Reminiscence by Rose Marry

Aurelia hopped onto her motorbike, the sky reflecting the same shade of marmalade as her saree. Her thighs ached, but she pushed through the pain; she always pushed past the pain. The bike’s motor roared to life, and she made her way through the small streets of Ayhane. Here, those with paws, fins, hoofs, and […]

Fiction: The Glass Paperweight by SuEllen Stracke

When I was a little girl, one of my favorite things was to sneak into my father’s study. It was a wonderful place with bookcases from the floor to the ceiling, an old worn carpet, a torn leather armchair and my father’s beat-up desk. It had its own aroma too—a mixture of old paper, leather, […]

Fiction: Cheri Coke: Section Ten by James C. Stewart

“You would have killed me, Cheri. And we both know it.” I was talking to the dead, and shivering uncontrollably. Genuinely worried for my sanity, I fumbled with the Fiero’s heater. I followed the Monte Carlo’s misty taillights with a resolve born of resignation. We drove through the sleeping town. Terry was headed for a […]


Art Process: Kayla Eddy Part 4

For the final part of this series, I followed the pattern I created last week to make a wall-hanging. The pattern was twenty-four by fifty rows, it and took about three/four hours to finish once the base strings were cut and strung onto the dowel. To see more of my work, I’m on Instagram under […]

Art Process: Kayla Eddy Part 3

The first step in making a wall hanging is threading the dowel with the base strings. Because DMC thread is so thin, I’m able to use kitchen skewers cut down to a shorter length. The pattern I’ve created is 24 strings wide, so I cut twenty-four individual strings and folded them in half to make […]