Poetry: 202 by Tess Dimler

202   Evenings spent skygazing from a small balcony, our window to the earth. Lost in the rosy pink like I imagine my heart must be clouds, Tufts of cotton. Were these moments, fixed in awe, hours or minutes? Who’s to say Afternoons spent baking. So many that our oven practically preheated itself, Whisking until […]

Justin+Reamer (1)

Poetry: Coda by Justin Reamer

Coda   The universe is a phonograph, Our lives mere vinyl recordings Playing daily mundane tunes, Monotony annual practice. Bugles whine in the background, Drums lethargic from humdrum; Violins strumming mediocrity, Tap the exhausted sonata. Measures scoring hebetude, Mind drifts slowly to sleep. Man picks up the trombone, His stand assembled before him; Unleashing the […]