Poetry: The Bath by David Sapp

The Bath Something – everything Wrong all wrong I know now I didn’t then I burst in – intuitively Propelled by my Own vague memory There a too familiar Too intimate scene Mother and little sister In the bath together Annulling “perfectly innocent” Mother reclining in warm water Child standing shivering Naked confused paralysis At […]


Poetry: Shades of Departure

Shades of Departure by Dirk James   Life, designed as a rose flowering layer upon layer, petal over petal. The story of creation coming into full bloom. A blueprinted moon   placed in motion over this handmade earth moving through the transparency of air.   At dawn, one shadow squared across acres of light. The […]


Poetry: My Path

My Path by Dan Grote Am I easier to stomach now, a sloppy drunk with a neat drink? A generic face with a designer drug, hoping to find a hypodermic in a haystack? Every sunset, an irradiated orange, every morning a whore with open arms. How much really changes in twelve uneasy steps? (My strides […]