Emily Piasecki – ABC’s All About Her

Plans for the future?

In the not-so-distant future, I plan on traveling and making plenty of art while I still have the free time to do so. I want to experiment more with new mediums, particularly with collage and pottery during my summer vacation; hopefully pick up some new skills that I can apply to the classroom in some way.

I will be student-teaching and graduating around this time next year if everything goes according to plan! Beyond that, I plan on teaching in Kenosha for a couple of years, not as an art teacher, but as a teacher who integrates art in the classroom to increase engagement and learning.

Recommendations for other artists?

My most sincere recommendation for other artists is to try out a new medium, especially if you’re experiencing any form of art block. Experimenting with different styles and tools helped me to create more art this semester than the rest of my college experience combined. Getting into painting pottery was really freeing; since it wasn’t my usual medium for creating art, I didn’t feel the pressure to be amazing at it. Making art can be frustrating when things don’t turn out how you intended, so it’s important to rediscover how fun art can be without expectations. It’s okay to just make things because you want to and not care about the little mistakes and mishaps sometimes.

Here is the first look at Emily’s children’s book, ABC All About Me.