Poetry: Well, You’re Dead by Robert L. Penick

Well, You’re Dead and I’m holding my own,taking on water, mainlyin my feet and ankles,filling up like a rain gaugeor the Edmund Fitzgerald.Time hangs burdens on us:weight, fatigue, regretthe most noticeable.They bind our hands andplant our feet to the soil,to a moment thatno longer existson this twisting Earth.A mediocre boxer,I keep moving, clockwise,around this ring,shoulders […]


Poetry: First Winter After She Left

First Winter After She Left by Yash Seyedbagheri First winter after Mother leaves, sister Nancy and I shovel unruly snow, hands weighed down by patches. Flakes fly, whirling seductresses. We clear faster. Flakes cover clearness. Nature gives. Takes. Gives people wanderlust, makes world cold. We try to make everything perfect. Keep clearing. We trip. Keep […]


Poetry: Cancer

Cancer by Michael T. Smith   It was hard to run from this place when it was a part of me.   There was a war in me, born sometime in the past. I didn’t know I was pregnant, a Hera of personal strife.   There was a frown in me larger than my womb. […]