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Podcast:The Pub 23: We’ve Got the Tights, but We’re Going to Take Them Off

Deconstructing the Superhero In this episode, we deconstruct the superhero in comics, Molly discusses alien STD’s, Daniel defends Batman’s Sanity, and Dean comes up with a supervillainous plot to overthrow of the podcast! Cast Hosted by Dean Karpowicz, with Molly Krasel and Daniel Morbach Content Discussed Defining the Superhero “HomeDepot presents, Superman!” –Molly 6:00: The Filth, […]

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Podcast: The Pub 22: Be the Space Pirate That You Are in Your Heart

Video Games: Character Creation and Story In this episode, we discuss video games, character creation, and story. Sarah talks about cow milk names (Yoohoo!), Molly strongly advocates for character hats, and Dean changes his name to Qwerf. Cast Hosted by Dean Karpowicz, with  Sarah Willis and Molly Krasel. Content Discussed Is Character Creation important? Dean: “. […]