Poetry: My Path

My Path by Dan Grote Am I easier to stomach now, a sloppy drunk with a neat drink? A generic face with a designer drug, hoping to find a hypodermic in a haystack? Every sunset, an irradiated orange, every morning a whore with open arms. How much really changes in twelve uneasy steps? (My strides […]


Poetry: The Dear Jane Letter

The Dear Jane Letter by Steve Cooke When Death’s dry whisper hollered for my wife And almost sixty years of love was gone, I was alone, with none to share my life. The house now rang with silent cinnamon. My soul was stalled, until that day my phone Was jarred awake with tidings in your […]


Poetry: On Finding God

On Finding God by Diana Sher   On Christmas Eve, I brought two 9 X 13 Containers Of coleslaw and macaroni salad To my synagogue To feed four homeless families We were sheltering for the week. Before dinner we said a prayer I took the hand Of a young black woman And gently squeezed. When […]