Poetry: Release Me

Release Me by Anthony R. Salandy   I lay restless, In constant idle anguish— I lay captivated by your touch, I lay sick and burdened— As I await the touch of your passion.   As I imagine the emotion, The sinful lust— And the intrusive passion— I am bound by the pleasure imagined within— As […]


Poetry: Phoebe

Phoebe by Yuxin Qian (Jenny) Her tiny body jumping off the floor, Dancing in circles round and round. Rolling over to tummy rub implore, Such happiness and energy abound.   Giving out hundreds of wet kisses, As if one thousand years has passed. Expressing how much she misses, All those part of the household cast. […]


Poetry: Shades of Departure

Shades of Departure by Dirk James   Life, designed as a rose flowering layer upon layer, petal over petal. The story of creation coming into full bloom. A blueprinted moon   placed in motion over this handmade earth moving through the transparency of air.   At dawn, one shadow squared across acres of light. The […]


Poetry: My Path

My Path by Dan Grote Am I easier to stomach now, a sloppy drunk with a neat drink? A generic face with a designer drug, hoping to find a hypodermic in a haystack? Every sunset, an irradiated orange, every morning a whore with open arms. How much really changes in twelve uneasy steps? (My strides […]