Poetry: Bucha 2022 by Allison Carroll

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Bucha 2022 Dark smudges in the sky, or is it black feathers? You see them now. Black birds. Ravens and vultures circling over Kyiv. In the city outskirts, red soldiers are invading. You hear them marching, and the hammering sound is getting louder. You hear frightening gunfire. You wonder who was killed. A family member? […]

Poetry: The Bath by David Sapp

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The Bath Something – everything Wrong all wrong I know now I didn’t then I burst in – intuitively Propelled by my Own vague memory There a too familiar Too intimate scene Mother and little sister In the bath together Annulling “perfectly innocent” Mother reclining in warm water Child standing shivering Naked confused paralysis At […]

Fiction End of the Bench by Logan Markko

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You’re not a loser until you quit trying, Coach thought to himself, watching as his players pissed and moaned their way to another loss. They seemed half asleep, committing lazy turnovers on offense and arguing with one another instead of hustling back on defense. Thirty years coaching high school basketball and he couldn’t remember a […]

Fiction FEATURED AUTHOR: Ruth Ticktin’s A Visit

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“The director of nursing said they were concerned,” Mat wasn’t sure if he’d mentioned this to his uncle but continued anyway, “that you’re more tired and less active.” “Well, there’s that. And my skin’s peeling. Hair’s falling out. Disintegrating, part by part.” Uncle Jack faced Mat with a brief piercing stare before looking down to […]