Podcast The Pub 31: Bring Out the Leeches!

Video Games: Pandemic Narratives In this episode, Dean hides in a tree with a blowgun and vaccine darts, Molly social distances in Fodlan, Daniel plots to spread corrupted blood throughout Azeroth, and Sarah slaps leeches on everyone. Cast Hosted by Dean Karpowicz, with Daniel Becker,  Sarah Willis and Molly Krasel. Content What we’ve been playing. “You […]

Sunbeam 2

Podcast: The Pub 29: Pridecast, Plus

The Pridecast, Plus: LGBTQ+ Representations in Graphic Novels In the Pridecast, Plus episode, Dean crumps, Daniel heroically avoids bringing up Batman (but Dean does), Molly gets gushy about Monstress, and Sam plants a word, and then we all watch it grow. Cast Hosted by Dean Karpowicz, with Daniel Morbach,  Sam Alberth, and Molly Krasel. Content What […]