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    January 13, 2017

    When the Well Goes Bust, Ch. 5

    Cynthia looked like she had just been poked with an electric cattle prod when Harland walked into the Circle K with the kids in tow. “Not today,...
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    January 6, 2017

    When the Well Goes Bust, Ch. 4

    When they rolled out in the morning, Carissa’s car wasn’t back. The sun wasn’t up yet as Harland drove, looking hard ahead at the ne...
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    January 3, 2017

    The Debtors’ University

    A DROLL FROM THE ROARING GIRL The debtors’ university is such a refined hierarchy; you start off posh, the Master’s Ward, and say, ‘Pish, this i...
  • December 30, 2016

    When the Well Goes Bust, Ch. 3

    The sun was rising above the Salton Sea when Caleb drove the dump truck with the chipper attached to it onto Hasting’s property. His jaw hurt li...
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    December 28, 2016

    Process Piece: Gerick Yabut pt4

    The final post has come! Since last time, I have added a little more detail to the character. Spikes have been added along with a tongue, toes, and mo...