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    November 20, 2015


    And though this pillow is enough you still come by at night safe from sand and salt –with both elbows on the bed your clothes in a heap –what you....
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    November 18, 2015

    Love and Reefer

    Betty’s looking for rolling papers in her dead son’s desk, when she discovers his last story. The one he wrote before she killed him. It’s about...
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    November 13, 2015

    A Damaged Thinker #25

    Amazingly, absence can be breathe, too.   Darren C. Demaree is the author of four poetry collections. He is the Managing Editor of the Best of th...
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    November 11, 2015

    A Small Compilation of Lists

    Nice Things About You That I Never Said Were Nice ● Your hand was the perfect size to hold hands with mine, our fingers laced together like the thin...
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    November 6, 2015

    Love’s Carcass

    It begins as madness When the first kiss of lust that stained Your eyes would push you over the edge. And this is my last price. The last peak is...