Podcast: The Pub 24: Look There’s a Chicken. Imma Bring My Magic Out!

Video Games: Openings and Story In this episode, we catch pokemon in the tall grass, find ourselves paralyzed in a hay cart with other Nordmen, and then beat the game by throwing refrigerators! Cast Hosted by Dean Karpowicz, with  Sarah Willis and Molly Krasel. Content Discussed What should a good opening do? “It’s just level 1!” […]


Fiction: Worth the Drive

“That’s one peppermint mocha and a large iced coffee,” he said as he reached into the cold and handed them their drinks. She carefully placed the drinks into the cupholders and slid her fingers down the straw to remove the wrapping as he sped away from the window. “Where are we off to tonight?” he […]

Novella: Fallen – Chapter 22

Fallen Rich kids, he thought. Must be nice. He ducked as a Frisbee nearly clipped him, and the headmaster, Thomas Arundel, scowled at the thrower who grimaced, drew his shoulders up to his ears and skulked away. “What makes you think it was a student?” Sam asked the headmaster. “Just a hunch,” said the headmaster, […]

Fiction: Trinkets

Twins Rusty and Dusty Buckamo, along with their cousin Billy Gray and his wife, Sadie, founded the mega-popular Christian rock band, SugarCoatIt, in the late 90s. Their debut album, “Jesus Is More Than Just Alright,” was considered the cornerstone of what Christian music should be: catchy tunes with strong visceral messages of burning bushes, parting […]

Novella: Fallen – Chapter 21

The Gathering When Sam came to, he was sitting in the middle of a pentagram. Dale’s pentagram had looked like the child’s version of this one. The candles dotting each angle were three feet tall, set on thick silver sticks filigreed with golden fractals and inlaid with rubies. The pentagram wasn’t raked into the ground with a stick […]

Fiction: Signs

Her life is a jeweled lavaliere of loses, each loss an onyx milestone: two later-term stillbirths, a dead brother from a hunting accident, there had been failed marriages, a son’s suicide by cop. Saffron was all about sailing. If only she could’ve collected a bounty of crystal ships that drifted the high seas. Admittedly, that […]


Process Piece – Silas Plum

In his final part of the interview, Silas Plum discusses the future, what he has struggled with the most in art, and advice for aspiring artists.   Who is your intended audience and why? Tom Waits. What are your plans for the future? Do you see yourself continuing this art form for a substantial amount […]

Process Piece – Silas Plum

Silas Plum continues his interview this week describing his connection to his art, and his intentions with it. Have you ever had an “Aha!” moment, whether it was figuring out your style, your message, etc.? If so, what was it? I can’t say that there is a single Archimedes-in-the-bathtub Eureka moment that defines every subsequent […]