Podcast The Pub 20: Young Readers Week (or It All Comes Back to the Fan Fiction, Doesn’t it?)

Young Readers Week On our Young Readers Week episode, Molly admits to writing lots of vampire fan fiction (while we wear garlic necklaces and hold mirrors up to her), Ky pontificates on the Xanth novels, and Dean confesses to killing a man with a paper airplane, then hiding out in Mississippi. Cast Hosted by Dean […]


Fiction: Dumpster Dreaming

I invade dumpsters. Eyes widen, surveying Keystone Light cartons, corn stalks, and empty steak packages. I conjure barbeques, gesturing arms, and laughter.      Have another beer, some steak.      I taste smiles. Voices offering beds. Welcome.      Caught. Cold eyes dissect stench—beard.      Bum, wanderer.      I hold dreams. Try […]

Novella: Fallen – Chapter 19

Ashes to Ashes Sam wandered for a good while until he saw the V-shaped poplar again. This time, he realized it was actually two trees—one white, the other black—but growing so close together they appeared to stem from a common trunk split at the roots. There was no longer any body in the dense brush behind […]

Fiction: The Women in the Next Booth

I was sitting in the end booth minding my own business. I always mind my own business.  The corned beef was on its way. After so many years, Jennifer knows what I want, and I’ve been on a serious corned-beef kick. The Clayton Diner’s known far and wide for its sandwiches, especially the kosher ones. […]

Novella: Fallen – Chapter 18

Mission Accomplished Men were wearing hooded cloaks and mumbling in Latin, their heads bowed in prayer. One of the men pushed back his hood. It was Mason Alderhut.  One of the other men pushed a small, mangy boy wearing rags for clothes before Alderhut. The boy stumbled and fell, his hands trussed behind him with […]

Fiction: Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a pastel city. Everything in it has a tint of gray, its buildings, its furniture, the clothes worn by its people, and most of all, in their sexual proclivities-ambiguity. So, when they found Stoddard Wells dead, splayed out in a sterile alley near a large potted plant, in his only suit, wearing […]


Process Piece – Silas Plum

This week, Silas Plum talks about technique, subjects, and inspiration in his artwork! Some of your pieces use thick, dripping acrylic layers. Are there any other uncommon techniques that you enjoy using in your art? Sure, I think Multi-layered Gesso/Powder Pigment on canvas is pretty neat. Alcohol ink that is spread thick and torched is […]

Process Piece – Silas Plum

For the month of November we will be interviewing artist Silas Plum about his artwork, inspirations, and styles!   Artist Statement Silas Plum lives and makes art in the woods. He believes strongly in the tired old maxim that the true value of an object is more than the sum of its parts, that the gut […]