Interviews: R.F. Kuang

Content: In this episode, we talk with novelist R.F. Kuang about her first novel, and the role of myth, history, and religion in fiction. She also gives some great advice for beginning writers. Cast Hosted by Dean Karpowicz with Sam Stienke and Alley Ryan. About R.F. Kuang Rebecca F. Kuang is the Nebula, Locus, and […]


Novella: Fallen – Chapter 11

The Practice Room The fuck do you know, you piece of shit, Laura thought. She’d been fuming since her encounter with Sam and marched down the steps into the basement of the music building, sheet music balled in her fists like a warrant she was about to slap in someone’s face. She kicked open the […]

Novella: Fallen – Chapter 10

Flynn Flynn, a stout, wind-burned guy with tufts of grey chest hair peeking out over a cable-knit sweater older than Sam, scraped the hull of a sailboat which was suspended by a winch inside the boathouse. In several slips were motorboats so clean their chrome was almost blinding. The same was true of Flynn’s gold […]

Novella: Fallen – Chapter 9

Laura Blood spurted in an almost comic arc as the girl’s bread knife plunged into the boy’s chest. He moaned, staggered, fell, and then dissolved into giggles at the eighth thrust. The girl blinked and stared out into the audience. Laura Hershlag sat in the middle of the auditorium, every seat to herself. She exhaled […]

Novella: Fallen – Chapter 8

Trick or Treat It was one of those crisp, cloudless, late October mornings in New England which clarifies all the appeal of the place.  It made you want to go apple picking, visit cider mills, play touch football, jump into leaf piles, and it made Sam want to swallow his gun and accent the vibrant […]

Novella: Fallen – Chapter 7

Jimmy’s Room Jimmy hung up the phone and took another bong hit. Even through the mellow from his nicely decelerated synapses he was beginning to wonder if calling that cop dude had been such a hot idea. But you know what, fuck Dale, he thought. Jimmy had tried to do right by him, give him […]


Emily Piasecki – ABC’s All About Her

Plans for the future? In the not-so-distant future, I plan on traveling and making plenty of art while I still have the free time to do so. I want to experiment more with new mediums, particularly with collage and pottery during my summer vacation; hopefully pick up some new skills that I can apply to […]

Emily Piasecki– Who is in her art?

How long you’ve been creating your art? I’ve been making art for as long as I can remember. I was convinced for all of my elementary school career that I was going to become an artist; I would constantly get in trouble for drawing in class. My parents signed me up for additional after-school and […]