Podcast The Pub 52: Robots Don’t Have Tails

In this episode, we review C. Robert Cargill’s novel, Sea of Rust. Sarah dresses as a robot cowboy and rides her trusty, rusty (literally) steed to the show. Daniel realizes that he is bound by his original brainwork design. Trey reads a paragraph and the rest of the casts dreams of cotton candy and maple […]


Fiction: Zabrina’s Madness

The townspeople knew when to avoid Zabrina. Her body, she would murmur, was a bundle of sharp sticks slowly splitting her skin. A darkness that was unnatural by some accounts. She would sleep in the mornings, which was, of course, the devil’s hour of rest. Unfinished hems of dresses were scattered about the floor of […]

Fiction: Francis Street

It’s just a street, a city street. There’s no reason for him to be buttonholing strangers, grabbing their arms, saying, Don’t you see?   And of course he doesn’t. But he must be imploring them with his eyes, because they keep veering away, a young woman in a gauzy white dress even crossing against traffic […]

Novella: Angels Falling – Chapters 18&19

18 Thomas’s muscles ached as he dug out another shelter for the night. He thought he could see, just on the horizon, the lights of a small, distant city glowing beneath the atmosphere. Tomorrow, he thought. He vomited several times and voided his bowels in the most ruthless and graphic way. After rinsing his mouth […]

Novella: Angels Falling – Chapters 16&17

16 “Who? Who?” Thomas opened his eyes. He wasn’t afraid. “Who? Who?” “Hooter.” He whispered, his voice too weak to vibrate. “Good to see you.” “Who? Who?” “I’m bear bait. But not its dinner.” The rain had stopped. There was no sound besides the owl. “Who? Who?” “I’m a stupid boy. I’m ignorant. I am […]

Novella: Angels Falling – Chapters 14&15

14 Charlie. Thomas bolted upright as the name of the feral beast licked his eardrums. He put on his boots and gloves and opened the tarps with his hands and walked outside. Snow still fell lightly then and the fresh layer of it was soft on the frozen sheet beneath. The whiteness of the snow […]


Art Process: Kayla Eddy Part 4

For the final part of this series, I followed the pattern I created last week to make a wall-hanging. The pattern was twenty-four by fifty rows, it and took about three/four hours to finish once the base strings were cut and strung onto the dowel. To see more of my work, I’m on Instagram under […]

Art Process: Kayla Eddy Part 3

The first step in making a wall hanging is threading the dowel with the base strings. Because DMC thread is so thin, I’m able to use kitchen skewers cut down to a shorter length. The pattern I’ve created is 24 strings wide, so I cut twenty-four individual strings and folded them in half to make […]