Straylight 11.1

Straylight 11.1 Print Issue
Straylight 11.1 Print Issue
Straylight print copy featuring an interview with award-winning poet, Richard Lyons

Richard Lyons

“The Hawaiian Missionary,” David Toth
“What Life,” Lawrence F. Farrar
“Love Me Tender,” Steven Perry II
“Heaven’s Buses,” Kristina Skotte
“Cocoon,” Mai McCarthy

“The Customer you have Dialed,” Jennifer Elizabeth Saunders
“Life in Fiction,” Timothy B. Dodd
“Peripheral Noise,” Jan Ball
“Little, middle sister,” Amanda Gaines
“September,” John P. (Jack) Kristofco
“If only you’d ask me,” Jonathan Greenhause
“Of Faith and Severed Wires,” Colin Dodds
“Bird-Churches,” Russell Rowland
“Questions,” Greg McGreevy
“My Father’s Hands,” Ashley Garreau
“West of Nowhere on Route 66,” Tobi Alfier
“Skins,” Elijah Noble El
“The Ode of an Unconscious Dreamer,” Abigail Allen
“Reasons,” Janet Cannon
“Cootie Love Be Bop,” Gloria Keeley
“Disturbance,” J. Pope

“Ironing out,” Rhyannon Jones
“Home,” Marjorie Coen
“Gilded Flicker & Catalina Mountains,” Robbin Bates
“Divided We Stand,” Gerald McClain
“Sweet Nectar,” Fabrice Poussin
“Windows,” Laura Hauter
“Tree 616,” Kristel Marion
“Soul Sutures,” Samantha LaVassor
“Dichotomy I,” Alexander Braun
“Come Together I,” Brenna Eaves
“I C U,” Eve Bazzett