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WyomingRebecca Shepard

Roadside RestroomSteven McBrearty

Cherry BombsLawrence F. Farrar

Beverly HillsJody A. Forrester



Teddy BearDavid Lawrence

Someone Watches Us with a MicroscopeClay Carter

The Six-Year-Old ArtistSefik Huseyin

KathleenMark Jackley

armpitEric Huff

Vertigo FallJacob Oet

The Present Continuous in ItalianDonna Pucciani

It’s nearly finished brewingSarah Lucille Marchant

In Which the Academic Life Reveals Its DisadvantagesDorine Jennette

Out of workIan Williams

EmpressJason Bogdaneris

Summer MorningIris Hann

This is How it Was in NovemberAnnie Walaszek

Farmer Grey’s SonArthur Gottlieb



Lucky I Had Along My Bird Field GuideChristine Sikora

Celtic HeadAmanda C. McCann

la sagrada vida del artista Andrea Mercadillo

Tree Lov’nDylan Gilje

TranslationJacob Oet

Morning HornsJamie Stoehr

Abstract Painting #266Jim Fuess

HouseJoseph Szabo

Another Time and Place Karina Aguilera

Grease on the GossLisa Mowry

AZ MemorySpencer Karczewski

Byzantine Chess Table Martin John Antaramian

Take a Lick, Take a TripValerie Hernandez

Romantic DiningMichael Gill

SunlightKevin Heapes

BarnRobert W. Andersen



Dorine JennetteStraylight Staff



“Smile. You’ve Just been Nick Demsked.” 
Eric Hinkle
Review of Nick Demske by Nick Demske

Truth and Terror
Ben Kopczynski
Review of Incendiary by Chris Cleave

Chasing Seabiscuit
Tara Gilboy
Review of Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

A Tale with Two Literary Stylings
Alexandria Binanti
Review of Pandora’s Succession by Russell Brooks

Yes, I Said Thor
Christy McCarter
Review of The Lost Gate by Orson Scott Card




Issue 4.2


Newton’s UmbrellaBruce Stone

GingerGrant Flint

Happy Birthday, 1969Carl Hoffman

The Cylinder P.M. Gleason



Strawberries, Chokecherries, Apples James Doyle

PiesMichael Lenhart

It Can Even Happen To Them Evens Out In The EndJoseph Reich

AdviceClaire Paffenhöfer

Sun Setting Above the SeaChangming Yuan

The Moonlight was a GlitchRobert M. Herzog

On Gluttony and Glass John O’Dell

You tried to say, Send distancesSimon Perchik

Then Out Like a WickBeenish Ahmed

Us in the FlintClaire Paffenhöfer

A Nocturnal Variation Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé

Air Pressure at Sea LevelMarilynn Talal



SheHorshAshley Gaeth

IrisJen Mohr

GidmoneyBrian Slawson

InsumedThomas Weber

AdornedJean M. Chars

ActiniariaLisa Mowry

Keeping it Together Abbey June Schwartz

Grandpa’s GloveEric M. Christensen

Maiden of the StormJeremy Topczewski

The Keepers of SaturnKristen Glonek

Animal StareKevin Heapes

Southwest AbstractionSpencer Karczewski

Watercolor 1Carl Rollmann

Pinky Finger MomentBrent Schultz

Chainmail Chess SetMartin John Antaramian

UnfinishedLinda Wawiorka



Sabrina Orah Mark  – Straylight Staff



A Lifetime: From Paper to Flesh
Tricia Boyd
Review of Tsim Tsum by Sabrina Orah Mark

Second in the Series
My Nguyen
Review of
Of Love and Evil by Anne Rice

Apocalyptic Truth
Dustin Mattson
Review of Pariah by Bob Fingerman

A Tale Told by An Idiot
Dex Westrum
Review of Driving on the Rim by Thomas McGuane

Lish: Fictions and Specters
Patrick McGuire
Review of Collected Fictions by Gordon Lish

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