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Artist Profile: Lisa Bigalke

Q: Around what time did you seriously get interested in art, and what was your reaction to that realization?
A: I came to university for biology, but the classes were full. Art 2D was only thing open in that time spot that was appealing. It wass the right fit and I never looked back.
Q: When do you get inspired most? As in, what time of day and where?
A: Outside, anytime, anywhere, preferably with living growing things in my sight line…

Every Gesture Would Seem Profound

Many people seem to have a tenuous opinion of the game of baseball at best, and an odious one at worst. On the flip side, there are those who believe that baseball is life, or at least life’s close metaphor. In his debut novel, The Art of Fielding, Wisconsin native Chad Harbach does not attempt to sway the reader one way or another, and in fact tends to avoid such binary identifications. Instead, he places the sport as a backdrop, or more accurately, as a drop cloth for the trials and tribulations of the story’s characters…