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Fred by Tammy Peacy

Fred eats lunch in his car parked nose to lake. Sirens call, and his eyes answer. There’s an ambulance, followed by the fire engine, followed by two fast blue cruisers….

Postcards of the Tom’s River Bridge

I The Tom’s River Bridge climbs over a bay, nor is it named for Tom, for there’s no mistakin’ a river and a bay and a river named Tom and…

The Lake

The first person to notice the lake was sinking was little cousin Rory. The water level is just low this year, said Grandma Mel. Never mind, the rain will come soon, said know-it-all cousin Nick. But Rory knew what she saw, and the lake was sinking. She got her favorite cousin Sam to come investigate with her. They rowed out to the very center of the lake where Grandpa Tom had said it was at least eighty feet deep. And there, in the middle of the lake, was a very small whirlpool…