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The Pub 62: Editor’s Choice or Our Choice – The Best of 2016

For this podcast, Dean Karpowics, Heather Relken, Casandra Johnsen, and Carl Rollmann begin by discussing the cancellation of Milo Yiannopoulos’s book deal by publisher Simon and Schuster. Although controversial, was…

The Pub 60: Literature of Love!

In this week’s episode, Dean Karpowicz, Madison Moore, Heather Relken, Jacqueline Kenny, Casandra Johnsen and Carl Rollman discuss the politics of publishing, the digital downlow, love literature, and more. The…

The Pub 29: “You Can’t Touch an App!”

This week’s episode of The Pub features a discussion between Carl Rollmann,¬†Emily Harring, Kelsey Hoff, and Dean Karpowicz. Topics covered include, authors and publishers, download the universe, and planet Dickens….