Everyone Hates You

everyone hates you.

even if you haven’t figured it out yet

don’t worry

you will.

it’ll be the confirmation of your biggest fears.

your father saw something better

your readers thought there

was promise.

but they were wrong.

anyone who has ever believed in anything is wrong.

even after you put your grandfather in the ground

after the speech about how you used to sail around

the swamps of eastern Maryland

and put chicken in crab traps

to see what kinds of turtles swam in for the flesh

you’ll be wrong.

about how he was your hero once.

you were wrong.

and then your aunt will find his diary

and you’ll read that he was like everyone else.

that he thought you were born with all the promise

and yet you wasted it

on a stupid major

on the women you followed like a new gospel

and all the forgotten words in your notebook

that never amounted to a decent novel,

that you would fall further

than your privilege should’ve allowed.

and you’ll think about your appetite

and how it far exceed your talent.

and you won’t fight back

because you’ll know

he was right.

Scott Laudati lives in Cranston, RI with his goldfish, Trish. He is the author of Play The Devil (novel) and Hawaiian Shirts In The Electric Chair (poems), both published by Kuboa Press. Visit him on instagram @scottlaudati