I Had Forgotten How to Love You

Opening Pandora’s box
stirred dead emotions.
Vices were confronted,
anger was released.

Facing my son’s caring ways
reflected just how far I strayed.
My unfettered heart
revealed the truth.

I had forgotten how
to be excited by your love.
It stung, and
I wanted it back.

So, I listened with
no ready comebacks.
Extra touches of love
were freely given.

Cleansing breaths
provided perspective.
Considerate support
became a simple joy.

Challenges along the way
were addressed with a smile.
Your warmth, not solitude,
became a constant longing.

The smile on your face a daily fix.
During my journey, I again attracted you.
I knew, ‘cause when we went out,
you made me feel all was right.

Finally, sunlight’s happiness
shined on our love.
This told me our love would always last.
Forever you, forever me.

Marc Livanos serves as Milton’s Poet Laureate, with poetry appearing in POEM, Sheepshead Review, Artifact Nouveau, Old Red Kimono, Ship of Fools, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Wordeater, Poets’ Espresso Review, and other journals.