Process Piece: Desiree Cornell Part 1

My name is Desiree Cornell and I’m from Ellwood City, PA. I am 25 years old, have a small family consisting of my husband and two fur children, and I am completely self taught in my art endeavors; constantly learning and improving every day. My interest in art began when I was a kid. I had a knack for pulling out the lines and shapes in objects, so drawing came quite naturally. I began taking an interest in art books, ranging from books filled with different art works, to how-to-draw books. I’d skim the pages and absorb the images on the pages. I found myself particularly drawn to the romantic Pre-Raphaelite era, as well as fantasy artists like Frank Frazetta and Brian Froud.

Today, my husband is one of my main influences, He also is an artist, creating his own character designs and concept work for his own stories. His drive really pushes me to become a better artist. Personally, John Dyer Baizley, Lauren  Marx, Stephen Mackey, Caitlin Hackett, Stephanie Law, Henrik Aa. Uldalen, Helen Mask, and Andy Brase are artists who I find to be fantastic artists who I look to as well.

My style is very neo-traditional and leans into the fine art category. I’m still in the process of self discovery, but “esoteric” would be a more accurate representation. For this process piece, I have a series of neo-traditional insect pieces that I have left unfinished…until now. *wink* I will be finishing that series with this piece. I hope you enjoy the upcoming process as much as I do.


Desiree Cornell is an autodidact (self taught) artist from Ellwood City, PA; who is currently residing in Tucson AZ with her fellow artist/husband, Shawn Cornell. Desiree has been honing her skills since she discovered her interest for drawing at the tender age of 7. Her work exemplifies a specialty of traditional methodology, and the contextual usage in a variety of mediums, particularly watercolor and india ink. Despite formal training, Desiree’s natural ability is manifest through her skills that coalesce an evoked sensory response. Her works are regarded as a contemporary staple of esoteric fusion, often blending genres such as gothic noir with the avant garde. When not creating art, Desiree works for international logistics company and specializes in Customs Brokerage.