Putting Words On Paper

What’s so special

about putting words on paper?

You can write things down

and forget about them later.

What does it take

to get that special combination,

that specific group of words

to make someone feel elation?

Why do some words bore us,

yet others make us think?

Connecting words to heart,

what creates that link?

What makes certain stories

so unforgettable?

What makes you want to cry,

and what makes your eyes roll?

How do you make emotion

jump right off the page?

And how do you avoid

causing someone’s eyes to glaze?

I guess that’s why

people say it’s hard to write.

But that doesn’t keep us from trying

to get our words just right.

I’m writing this down now,

but I might forget about it later.

I guess that’s what’s so special

about putting words on paper.

Hauser Sara Hauser is an online Illustration student at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design. She enjoys writing, drawing, reading, and artistic roller skating.