The Pub 66: Favorite Characters? What makes them?

Casandra Johnsen, Dean Karpowicz, Madison Moore, and Carl Rollmann discuss the politics of publishing, literary news, and the qualities of notable and favorite literary characters. To begin, the group looks into the National Endowment for the Humanities funding digitization of PEN international archives at UT-Austin, SMP purchasing the first “official” Black Lives Matter book, and the death of William Powell, author of “The Anarchist Cookbook.” Following politics, the discussion leads into the #ThanksForTyping movement, a movement bringing the uncredited female labor in academia to light. To conclude the news segment for the show, the four discuss the new Stephen King “It” remake and Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize. To finish the podcast, the group looks into their favorite literary characters, what makes them who they are, common qualities, and characters who are universally loved and hated.