Process Piece: Maddy Asma Part 5 (Final)

The finished piece is finally here! While I did not map out much of it, I used my acrylic paint, gold leaf, paper, and pencil to go with the flow and see where the piece would bring me. If the faces had turned out differently, then even the background would have ended up different. I especially enjoyed using gold leaf for this painting and find that it can make any picture better. If anything, I wish I could master the gold because the process it takes is tedious and it does not always work, but overall, I am pleased with the final product.

In the future, I plan on getting into digital art. While I love painting, I feel as though I have more potential on a computer. I’m currently majoring in advertising art, so advertising makes my heart flutter. For those looking into art for themselves, it’s important to observe what people are doing and how they’re doing it. Almost all of my social media accounts are just for following artists and seeing their work!


Maddy Asma is freshman studying Advertising Art Direction at Columbia College Chicago. She enjoys all mediums of art, but particularly enjoys graphic design and painting. Her ultimate career goal is to work for a movie trailer production company in Los Angeles with her brother. Some of Maddy’s work can be found on her Redbubble page: