Double-edged Sword

They danced under incandescent light

Facing each other

Looking deeply into their eyes

She wore a beautiful white dress

He an elegant suit of the same color


She began to approach him

And he to her

Besieged arms around his neck

While her eyes were all his sight

She began to feel something sharp, cold

And yet ever so hot


Unyielding and vehement

A stab pained, as their lips closer ached

He squeezed tightly

Crimson passion cascaded

From his suit as her dress


A double-edged sword told

Listened its beautiful and soft feel

Her lips quivered

She let her tears free

Her smile unscathed



As she listened to the melody

Dancing with him

His became hers

And hers his

They died happy

Stout Gabriela Carías is a student at Rafael Landívar University pursuing a B.A. in Communication in Guatemala City, Guatemala.