Process Piece: Maddy Asma pt. 2

asmadraftI have now begun my piece.This abstract portrait is based off the work I made for my advanced placement portfolio from my senior year of high school and both faces shown reflect a friend of mine. To begin, I used a simple graphic pencil and while many have a set-in-stone pattern for creating a portrait piece such as this, I choose to draw the outline of the face first and proceed with guessing and playing around with the facial features and other details. This involves a lot of messy outlines and then adding shading. Usually it doesn’t turn out turn out right the first time, but I’m glad to say it did!


Face Reference #1

asmareference2Face Reference #2

This piece in particular will be a challenge due to my tendency to work fast, so in order to display each step of the process, I am taking my time and going slow. This draft itself took only half an hour. Following this installment, I will be adding more details to the faces, color to the background, and maybe gold leaves to parts of her face. To be honest, I don’t plan much for my work. I just feel my way through it.



Maddy Asma is freshman studying Advertising Art Direction at Columbia College Chicago. She enjoys all mediums of art, but particularly enjoys graphic design and painting. Her ultimate career goal is to work for a movie trailer production company in Los Angeles with her brother. Some of Maddy’s work can be found on her Redbubble page: