The Pub 62: Editor’s Choice or Our Choice – The Best of 2016

For this podcast, Dean Karpowics, Heather Relken, Casandra Johnsen, and Carl Rollmann begin by discussing the cancellation of Milo Yiannopoulos’s book deal by publisher Simon and Schuster. Although controversial, was this the right decision? Following politics, the group leads into The Academy Awards and the three Oscars taken home by Amazon and two by Netflix. To continue with the digital downlow, the decline of e-Book sales and growth of audio sales are touched on, and to finish the second segment, the speakers look into Kobo Plus, a new and unlimited e-Book subscription program. Finally, the four talk about the best of 2016 and consider why those that ranked so high did as well as they did.

E-Book Sales Declined 18.7% and Audio Grew 29.6% in 2016