Process Piece: Maddy Asma pt. 1

My name is Maddy Asma and I am an artist. From a young age, I have lived a life surrounded by art. My parents enrolled me and my brother into a grade school that was exceptionally art and music oriented, similar to how some kids go to a bilingual academy, and so I have always had the notion that art is something I am good at and something I can pursue and create a career out of. The classes created a nice basis for my skills before I was transferred into a regular school with art classes once a week. To be honest, I’d say my parents would be disappointed if I hadn’t gone to art school!
While I do not have a style of my own quite yet, I’m constantly trying to change how I make or paint something due to my drive for better, grander things until it comes to me eventually, and inspiration can come from anywhere. Caravaggio and Egon Schiele have both been personal favorites of mine when it comes to notable artists; Caravaggio for his dark and morbid scenes, Schiele for his wild, practically abstract work. However, to be frank, I am a sucker for experimental graphic design.

asmaworkspaceHere you can see my workspace which was tidied up moments before being photographed; an artist is never neat and concise except in their creations. It is simple and contains the groundwork to begin a project. For this process piece, I haven’t quite narrowed down what I will be creating, but the plan is to make an abstract portrait painting. I have not painted in some time now, so it will be an experience in and of itself that I look forward to.



Maddy Asma is freshman studying Advertising Art Direction at Columbia College Chicago. She enjoys all mediums of art, but particularly enjoys graphic design and painting. Her ultimate career goal is to work for a movie trailer production company in Los Angeles with her brother. Some of Maddy’s work can be found on her Redbubble page: