The Pub 61: Reading (or Not) in America!

Dean Karpowicz, Madison Moore, Heather Relken, Casandra Johnsen, and Carl Rollman discuss the politics of publishing, the digital downlow, and the state of reading in America. To begin, the group discusses politics and its effects on young adult authors and literature as a whole. Both ends of the political spectrum hold their values to heart and clash when literature gets thrown in the mix. Following politics, the conversation leads into the most anticipated books-to-films in 2017. Despite backlash, the Fifty Shades series continues to pull readers and watchers in as the second film plays in theaters, but for what reasons? Following last week’s conversation regarding eBooks and eReaders, the group leads into Follett’s partnership with VitalSource and decision to produce over 80,000 digital titles with one-click access for students, along with other technologies. To finish the show, the current state of reading in the United States is discussed along with the surprising facts regarding reading today and what to expect in the future.
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