Process Piece: Holden Henry pt. 3 (Final)

The Aubrey Plaza piece is now completed after three weeks of work! Since the last post, I have scanned my sketch onto my computer. From there, I began to digitally ink my lines on a layer beneath the colored layer and proceeded to add foundation color to add to with different shades and tones, giving the image less of a dull, flatness.


After the coloring was completed, I finished the piece with a pink gradient background.

audreysketchThe initial sketch

audreysketch2Added colors and details

audreysketch3 The finished product with added details and background

For me to be satisfied with a piece, I find that I must usually hit a deadline. Quite frankly, you can work and refine an illustration until you die (if you let it.) With all the other happenings of life, this was the best work I could produce given time restraints. In the future, I see myself submitting more of my work to magazine publications and hoping for the best. Your future is for you to achieve.

To view a time lapse version of the piece being created, click here:


Holden Jacobi Henry is a student at UW-Parkside, soon to be majoring in graphic design. He was born in Colville, Washington and later moved to Kenosha, Wisconsin where he currently resides. After a long grind of terrible childhood drawings it finally payed off; “Sort of…there is always something to improve upon.” More of his work can be viewed on DeviantArt at and on YouTube at