Process Piece: Holden Henry pt1

My name is Holden Henry and I am a digital artist studying to be a graphic designer at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. I grew up in Colville, Washington and currently reside in Kenosha, Wisconsin. From a young age, I enjoyed watching my dad work on comics and caricatures. He introduced me to MAD Magazine which I loved to browse and analyze. Both he and my mom have been fantastic support. Along with his work, I grew to love comics while in high school and I was inspired to become a graphic designer. Back in 2002, I was a huge fan of the first Sam Raimi “Spider-Man” movie and continue to be a Marvel fan at heart.
holden1For this piece, I will be creating a digital caricature of Aubrey Plaza, a beloved actress from iconic movies such as “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” and shows likes “Parks and Recreation.” To do this, I will begin by sketching with printer paper and pencil. The printer paper is ideal because it is easily scanned (and I’m cheap.) Once the sketch is completed and scanned into my computer, I am then able to open it up in Photoshop. Using my Wacom Cintiq Tablet, I start inking my lines digitally and then paint underneath.
holden2 holden3In the future I am hoping to become a part of the industry as a graphic designer, making logos and recognizable brands while I hone my skills as a jack of all trades and expand my skill set into animation, but for now, I look forward to creating this piece.


Holden Jacobi Henry is a student at UW-Parkside, soon to be majoring in graphic design. He was born in Colville, Washington and later moved to Kenosha, Wisconsin where he currently resides. After a long grind of terrible childhood drawings it finally payed off; “Sort of…there is always something to improve upon.” More of his work can be viewed on DeviantArt at and on YouTube at