Process Piece: Gerick Yabut pt4

The final post has come! Since last time, I have added a little more detail to the character. Spikes have been added along with a tongue, toes, and more. In the past few posts, the character has been in what is called an A-pose. An A-pose is one in which the character’s posture is upright with the arms slightly bent and pointing toward the ground. For this post, I made it into a more action-appearing position as though it is getting ready to attack something or someone.

I don’t have a plan set in stone as far as my future with 3D modeling. For now I am content being a freelance artist. I am my own boss and I am free to create as I wish, but who knows. Maybe down the line I could work for a sculpting or maybe even a toy company, and I’d say that would be pretty cool.

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Gerick Yabut is a free-lance artist who resides in Southern California. He received his degree in animation with a minor focusing in 3D modeling early in 2016 at the Art Institutes of California-Hollywood. More of his work can be viewed on his website: