Straylight Magazine Open Mic Night Recap October 2016

Friday October 14, 2016 was a night filled with music, magic, poetry, comedy, smiles, tears, laughter and more as Straylight Literary Arts Magazine’s Open Mic Night was held in The Den of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. Madison Moore’s enthusiastic personality shone through as the MC of the night as she introduced performers and even recited a poem of her own. Performances included singing and instrument playing by Kyle Perry, Shane NcNealy, Kyriin Richmond, Tiffany Wiltkonson, and Ethan “Running Bear” O’Connor, poems by Angelo Gonzales, Crystal Dixon, Madison Moore, Alexandrea Kaprelian, Josh Carlson, and Zoe Sorenson, magic by Nick Leptich, and stand-up comedy by Evan Davies. We look forward to hosting more events such as this one in the future and would like to thank everyone who made the night a success and joy to behold.


Throughout the night, the audience engaged in creating a poem as a paper was passed along and a line was added by each participant. The paper was folded after each added line as to hide the previous line and ultimately produce “The Exquisite Corpse.”


The Exquisite Corpse (Oct. 14, 2016)

By the light of the moon
I ate from my spoon
Eating bananas as a baboon
Chucking bananas at the children
And also the blue shells
Flying through the sky and bombarding all of the
Flowers yearning for life
Life Cereal, the one and only King of the Breakfast Cereals
But the last person who proclaimed life king was slapped with a salmon by Dean
He was slapped so hard that he became allergic to fish. His face became red and puffy like a blimp.
His foot had disappeared. He grabbed Rhonda, the mail clerk and said,
“Baby, let’s groove.” She slapped him, crying
“Please leave me alone, you’re freaking me out.”
Nobody should be able to do that with their toe…
Unless she can reach her nose with it…
How I feel, what I feel, when I’m feeling…in the sunshine
Don’t care that my lips are cracking, or sand hurts me
There are burns on the bottom of my feet, but I know I can’t swim
Though my body says quit, my spirit cries “Never!”
I refuse to give in to darkness that calls me.
Tempting as it is, I will change the world.
Then there was good feelings and better times.
The elephant in the room had been addressed
And all there was left to do was vape
Send, dictate, readout, delete
No mas pantalones
Everything is meaningless