The waves

once crashed

at my

beckon call.

The sun

hid in

the gray

matter of

the sky

and dared

not to

show itself.

No bird

cast shadow

no matter

how high

their flight.

This globe

would be

wonderful clay…

fodder even

in the

hands of

one with

drunken, yet

rational power.

Universe too.

Trying to

imagine what

could have

been shaped

in nine…

maybe even,

ten days.



S. A. Gerber is a native and resident of Los Angeles, CA.

His work has appeared in such diverse publications as “The Blue Collar Review”, “Desert Voices

Magazine”, “Subtopian Magazine”, “Talking Sidewalks”, “Sediments Literary and Arts Journal”,

Black Heart Magazine,”Mad Swirl”, “Poetica Magazine”, “The Los Angeles Review of Los

Angeles”, “The Linden Avenue Literary Journal, Los Angeles Poet Society, and The Poets

Haven. His two (2)volumes of poetry, Under the Radar and Inventory are both available on

Barnes & Nobel and, Beyond Baroque Bookstore in Venice, CA., and Amber

Unicorn Books in Las Vegas, Nevada.