Open Mic Night Recap 2016


Straylight wants to thank all the artists and performers who came out on March 4th to share their acts with us during our Open Mic!

Gina Bellovary (384x800)The night was kicked off with a performance by Gina Bellovary, who shared several of her poems with us! (Shown left)

Kellen Caldwell (531x800)

Next up was Kellen Caldwell who graced us with his impressive skills on the guitar, and using a classical technique performed three songs for us. (Shown right)

Madi Moore (531x800)
We also had the pleasure of hearing a slam piece written by Madi Moore called The Sugar Cycle! This was a pleasure to hear, captivating the audience. (Shown left)

Evan Davies (531x800)
Then there was chuckling and laughter brought to us by Evan Davies who gave us a fantastic stand-up act! (Shown right)

Nick Leptich (531x800)
The night was wrapped up by Nick Leptich who played some sweet songs for us on his double-necked acoustic! (Shown left)


These are just a handful of the performances on March 4th, so again we’d like to thank everyone who came out to watch and listen, and especially to all the performers, including those unmentioned. It was a great night. We look forward to the next one in the fall semester! We have pictures of all the performers, so if you’d like us to send you pictures of your performance, contact us on Facebook or talk to one of our members and we’ll get them to you ASAP.