Greg Bear Interview

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Greg Bear was born in San Diego California in 1951. He completed his first short story at the age of ten and had his first short story published in Robert Lowndes’ Fanout Science Fiction. By the time he reached the age of twenty-three, Mr. Bear was selling his work regularly. In the late 1960’s, Mr Bear, along with some friends and locals, helped to establish San Diego ComiCon which now draws upwards of 120,000 people from around the world. To date Mr. Bear has published so many works of science fiction that to even name a few would take a decent amount of time. To keep it short, Mr. Bear is best known for his complex science fiction works which delight readers with big ideas and fantastic writing. In 1984, Hard Fought and Blood Music won Nebula awards for the best novella and novelette, respectively. Blood Music went on to with the Hugo award. The novel version of the story, also called Blood Music, won the Prix Apollo in France and was nominated for the Hugo and Nebula awards. Mr. Bear’s success in writing can be shown in the blurb in his new novel War Dogs, which says: “Every new novel from Greg Bear is a major event in the science fiction calendar.” His books have sold millions of copies, won five Nebula and two Hugo awards, have been translated into more than twenty-two languages, and grace best-seller lists from coast to coast. War Dogs is the first novel in a trilogy that we can be sure will delight readers for years to come. in 1983, Mr. Bear married his wife, Astrid.

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