Congratulations, Poetry Contest Winners!

Straylight’s Spring 2011 Poetry Contest was a wondrous success! On the behalf of our poetry staff, we would like to thank everybody who submitted. We would also like to acknowledge those who won; a round of applause is owed to the following:

Clay Carter (1st place): $125, print publication, 1-year subscription, 3 copies

Annie Walaszek (2nd place): $50, print publication, 1-year subscription, 3 copies

Jason Bogdaneris (3rd place): $25, print publication, 1-year subscription, 3 copies

The three winning poems will appear in our upcoming print issue of Straylight, which comes out next month. We encourage everyone to buy a copy to check out the poems! (Not to mention the great fiction, artwork, interviews and reviews.)

It was a privilege to read all of the great submissions, and we look forward to it again next Spring! Look out for our Fiction contest in the Fall.


Poetry Editors

Straylight Magazine

We also had one runner-up poem that we are pleased to put up on The Villa. Here it is:


by Vickie Hunt

Differance was not a word by any measure.
Except Derrida’s
which does not count because one cannot measure
a word that does not exist.
Not even him. The expert
who sometimes SCREAMED
said it does not.
Spellcheck tells me so repeatedly,
but of course Spellcheck is an idiot and
capitalizes every line. I will let it sometimes

I will choose when because I choose
For the moment to make my own rules.
(According to Derrida, I may.)
I, for one, believe him.

The presence of the other words
that he presented as though they were presents
(and are unwanted gifts, undeserved gifts.
Take these as you will.)
might or might not
Mean something.
I will decide. They must.
If they do not – Communication, with a capital C
or a lower case one, does not.
Then we are all just
blathering in the wind.

NO ONE knows
our meaning. The wind Carries it
away perhaps To be caught another day.
Meaning deferred thank you very much.
He must be wrong … But wait! He is right!

There really was no such word.
It is good that he explained with
many, Many, many, MANY words so that
WE could understand what Oxford now recognizes – BUT
My old
Oxford offers Several alternatives.
Difference. Differenced. Differences. Deference is
close … but humility is missing
(From whom is for you to decide.)
Oxford suggests sufferance and …

The words around the second
definition of SUFFERANCE
Offer by my interpretation an alternative
and I infer that I MAY

(Damn inconsistant Spellcheck
– meaning inconsistent and inconstant),
in spite of his brilliance,
Deride Derrida
Because in this instance he is full of himself
And full of … it.
and i (how I had to fight spellcheck on this) i
am full of Derrida
and want More of him!
But I am finished.
Deconstruct that.


Vickie Hunt is a UW-Parkside student. She has secretly been a writer of short stories, anecdotes and poetry for twenty-five years. She lives in Kenosha with her family.